Sunday, December 3, 2006

Lost S03E02 - The Glass Ballerina

  • Sun, Jin and Sayid sail around the island with Desmond's boat and Sayid makes a note on the map (see little spot)
  • There is a symbol for a "gaging station" on one of the mountain tops

Lost S01E18 - Numbers

Sayid points to the area in which Rousseau's hideout might be located. I've added this one as an animation (in Flash) because it's easier to see, where Sayid assumes Danielle's hideout. If you take a look at it closely, you'll see that it's actually the central area of the island.

Lost S01E14 - Special

Alex island

Sayid and Shannon show Jack the connection between the different maps of Rousseau.

Lost S01E13 - Hearts And Minds

Sayid builts a simple compass and finds out that the magnetic north differs from the real one.

Lost S01E12 - Whatever The Case May Be

This part of the map is shown, when Shannon tries to help Sayid with the translation of the notes made by Rousseau.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Lost S01E09 - Solitary

Screenshot of Danielle Rousseau's map of the Lost island in S01E09 (1)Screenshot of Danielle Rousseau's map of the Lost island in S01E09 (2)
(Note: The second image is mirrored)

When Sayid has been captured by Rousseau and he starts to repair her music box, the first picture can be seen briefly. Later, while leaving Danielle's hideout, Sayid takes the maps with him and you get a second glimpse of the map (the scene is mirrored).