Monday, April 28, 2008

List of facts

Actually, there's always some kind of interpretation in the things we see and there are only very few real facts (or pretty obvious ones) in Lost. So here's the list of everything I would qualify as a fact or better: "very valuable hint". In addition, I've posted the list of maps/screens we have seen with my subjective rating for the reliability of their source and accuracy.


MapRating Comment
Danielle's island map 80% we don't know if the magnetic anomaly is taken into account but Sayid has used this map up to season 3
Danielle's side view map 80% contains weird equations and notations, scale doesn't seem to be realistic
Blastdoor map 80% no north arrow, cryptic notes and many assumptions on it ("alleged position of ...")
Henry Gale's map 90% no north arrow but they managed to find HG's balloon with
Season 3 opener panoramic shot 99% it's CGI and therefore exactly what TPTB wanted us to show
Hydra island view 99% same as above
Cable map 95% It should be very precise but we don't know if the magnetic anomaly is taken into account
Road map 90% many topographical hints about the surroundings of the Swan but bad screenshot quality
Looking Glass map 90% no north arrow
Ben's map 99% Ben uses it for planning treks
Kate's map 95% Kate might have marked only striking landmarks
Dan's map 90% A lot of "unknown" captions indicating that it might not be accurate
Ben's Temple map 99% Ben wants to save Alex's life
Horace's map 99% Locke, Ben and Hurley use it to get to Jacob's cabin


(original and complete quotes can be found at the clues page)
  • S01E07 Kate estimates the distance between the beach camp and the caves to be ~1 mile
  • S01E13 Sayid find's out that the magnetic differs from the real North.
  • S01E23 Rousseau estimates the pillar of black smoke to be 5 kilometers inland from her initial camp (assumption: maybe the french camp marked in her map)
  • S01E24 Arzt guesses the Black Rock to be "a couple of miles" inland.
  • S02E01 Jack estimates the distance between caves and the Swan to be ~0.5 miles
  • S02E11 Locke states that the Taillies came from East and Michael is heading North
  • S02E14 Ben (as Henry Gale) mentions that HG has lived on the North shore of the island (~2 days away from the place where Danielle captured him).
  • S02E20 Michael confirms that he was hiking North.
  • S03E02 Sayid states that mountains might block the view from the North when making the signal fire.
  • S03E07 Juliet states that the Hydra island is 2 miles offshore.
  • S03E11 Locke and Sayid are following 2 days a bearing of 305 and find the Flame.
  • S03E21 It's a day walk to get from the beach camp to the radio tower.
  • S03E23 Ben heads North from the Pascal flats to get to the radio tower
  • S04E02 The Locke group is hiking East to get to Jacob's cabin, Sawyer states that the barracks are South.
  • S04E03 Juliet estimates the way from the helicopter landing site to the beach and back to take "a couple of hours"
  • S04E05 The freighter is 40 miles off the coast.
  • S04E11 Locke is implying that the beach camp is somewhat NE of Jacob's cabin