Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blast door map

Blast door map
NOTE: Maybe there are some errors in the equations...
The purple colored notes are taken from the official Lost Jigsaw Puzzles.


Castorpollock said...

I was going over this map and I noticed a few interesting things.
1. there is a marking that says Estimated travel time incompatible with 108 Do Not Attempt to Survey. This on the left side just outside of the octogonal perimeter. Which would mean that all of the stations are within a 54 minute exploration distance from the swan station. 54 minutes giving them enough time to get back to the hatch to push the buttons.
2. Just above the Arrow station, is "Intranet support for carcharodon carchareas(spanish) selective breeding facility". carcharodon carcharias is the great white. This means that the Hydra station is directly off shore of the Arrow station.

LostySmurf said...

Thanks, Castorpollock. I think that are two very useful hints.

I like the idea using the octogonal perimeter to mark the max. travel distance respecting the 108 minute time limit but wouldn't that put that the Swan somewhere into the center of it?

I agree that the second point you mentioned indicates that the Hydra could be somewhere close to the Arrow. There are clues supporting this theory, like the Hydra islet is on "the other side" of the island and the season two screenshot of the taillies hiking up a hill having the hydra island in their back.

Anonymous said...
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