Friday, March 21, 2008

Ben's map of the Temple


Claudio said...

If this map is right, it helps to fit the barracks in some coastline. The problem is that i can't find any coastline that looks like this one!.

LostySmurf said...

Yepp, that's the problem. Even with mirroring and rotating it doesn't seem to make any sense.

Gunnie said...

Are you sure it is coastline?
We have seen a small lake where Kate found the Halliburton...Could be larger lakes around, and Rousseau's map shows some kind of lake in lower right quaderant.

Just a thought


LostySmurf said...

Hey Gunnie,

thanks for the input. You're right. It could be a lake. I was somehow too focussed on finding the Dharmaville dock...

And sorry for my late replies. I'm going on a business trip to Norway next week and will check the lower right quadrant (and your other posts) as soon as I'm back.

Thanks again,

Gunnie said...


I live in Norway! In the captial, Oslo.

Guess your back from your business trip now...


LostySmurf said...

Hi Gunnie and hello to Norway!

I'm back from my trip to Tromsø and yesterday I even spent an hour at Oslo airport waiting for my connecting flight... :)

I've taken a closer look at that area of Rousseau's map and I think that it's possible that the 'temple map' could show that area. Though, I think it's very unlikely as there might be other (maybe smaller) lakes that are not marked on Rousseau's map.

But one the thing that really seems strange to me is the fact that the Temple is marked as a Dharma station on the 'temple map'...

Gunnie said...


So, then you acctually flew over Narvik (Narvik cityhall was shown in the dharma-movies) on your trip.
I see you used the nordic letter "ø", copy/paste? hehe (or

I discovered that if you flip Iceland 90 deg, it acctually looks a lot like Rousseau's map.. Funny!

I think Others have adopted lot's of Dharmatel habbits and techniques, especially after Ben took the position as a leader.

Pre 1954, they had no guns or tents, they took that from the US Army. Then they upgraded their standards by killing most of the Dharma Initiative, getting houses, a submarine, tv, etc.

Woulden't surprice me if they started using Dharma signs, as if they where their own, too.

Flipped the Temple map 180 deg. Fits quite good in lower right quadrant. (But it does not justify 1,5 days walk from barracks).

It's a bit anoying that there so many contradictions....


LostySmurf said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see much of Oslo from the plane because of the clouds. For the ø, I simply used the HTML code: ø

At the moment, it's hard for me to believe that the others just used the Dharma logos as their own after the purge. And the Temple seems to be one of the oldest (maybe sacred) facilities on the island. It has a wall to protect it from the view of 'outsiders'. So putting a Dharma logo on the temple seems to me as unlikely as putting one on the Foot statue. But then again, there was a big Dharma logo on Whitmore's instructions (secondary protocol) Keamy read at the end of season 4... All this would only make sense to me if some Dharma people travelled back in time and actually are the ancestors of the others (so that the logos were already there in the pre-Dharma era)... Hmmm, never thought of that before and sounds pretty wicked to me but nevertheless, I wouldn't be too surprised if this would be true. :)

You could be right that the temple map shows the lower right quadrant of the map (when rotated 180 degree) or maybe even something of the upper left quadrant (not rotated). Anyway, I would say that the temple map is pretty much in line with the S03E01 panoramic shot of the barracks.

I also like your theory of the Pearl being some kind of a Dharma assessment center. All people qualified as 'Dharma material' are brought to the barracks while all other could be brought back off the island with the sub (they don't have to be killed).

There are really a lot of contradiction in the show about the island's locations and I really had a lot of 'WTF?'-moments. It's very hard making something sensible of the maps for me at the moment...

Thanks again,

Gunnie said...

Well, there is not much to see from 4000 ft anyway...:)

By the way, are you live in Europe? (Just curious)

Regarding the Dharma symbol, it's pretty old, about 2300 years now.
We just know it as the Dharma wheel (Buddhist symbol).

The regular DI symbols clearly shows that they represent, like the arrow, flame, tempest, ect.

But the Temple logo seems to me beeing created with some ancient symbols in mind. (Greek, egyptian, buddhisim). The low T looks like a table, an offering place, a courtroom, place of worship?

As goes for the Door symbol, one doesn't need a symbol for something just being a useless door. And the fact that it is right next to the "fake camp", leads me to beleave that it is something Others have sealed up.
Fake camp is maybe not so fake, they do live in tents from time to time.

I have made an alternative map now, incorporating what I have found of maps and photos.
Not as fancy as yours, ofcourse, but you might want to take a look...


LostySmurf said...

Hey Gunnie,

thanks for the background information on the Dharma symbol and I totally agree with your observation about the Temple logo. But the door Dharma logo, as far as I remember, is a fan made one and was never shown on the show.

Please, I would really like to see your map! You can post it here using imageshack (works without any registration) or send it via email.

And by the way, I'm from Germany.